If you have to do one mountain bike adventure this year, Central Otago is one of the South Island’s best areas.  Flowing single track, technical rocky trails and high country rides with massive descents.  We can find a trail to suit your style!

Linger & Die / Mountain Bike Heaven

Experience some of the South Island’s best single track famous for Trans NZ and the Linger & die Enduro’s these technically demanding trails and only 5 minutes ride from our shop in Alexandra. This area on private land and off limits to most riders, but it is riddled with trails to suit all levels of ability and as we live & build these trails so  we are sure to find the best ones to suit your needs.

Or talk to us about some of our other local trail options.

Cost:  day Guiding Fee at NZ$95.00 pp and include shuttles.

Cyclists: Min 2

Knobby Range

This is the ride every mountain biker raves about. We drive south to Roxburgh to start our ride near the top of the mountain. A mixture of high country tussock trails and some exhilarating rocky down hill sections sees us descend towards Alexandra. From here we have the option, depending on your riding ability, of 4 different trails, single and 4wd tracks, which descend into the Manuherikia Valley floor and into our destination of Alexandra.

This is a true classic.

Cost: NZ$149.00 pp includes mountainbike
Cyclists: Min 3

Old Man Range

SHUTTLES, scenic 4wd shuttle ride  to the top of the Old Man Range where you ride in this stark alpine environment, and decend back to Alexandra. (self Guided)

Cost: NZ$POA
Min: 3 persons

River Run (Self guided)
This great family ride starts with a 40min 4 wd drive to the Fraser Reservoir, high up on the side of Old Man Range. From here you ride, gently descending on high country farm roads, to the valley floor below. Passing by orchards and joining up with the Clutha River trail, which takes us back to Alexandra.

Cost: NZ$89.00 pp includes mountainbike
Cyclists: Min 2

Naseby and Wanaka

Lets not forget the other two great Mecca’s of single-track mountain biking in Central Otago – Naseby and Wanaka. Naseby has a maze of fantastic single-track forestry trails, then there is the Sticky Forrest at Wanaka. Our guides have been biking these trails for years, so email us or give us a call and let us organise an adventure for you.

Includes mountainbike and transport

Cost: Full day rides start at NZ$POA
Cyclists: Min 2

Clyde Down Hill Double

Adrenilin still pumping after the Old Man down hill, need some more? How about finishing off the afternoon with some shuttle runs up to Altitudes own down hill and super D tracks on the Clyde Hill. Just minutes away, experience down hill at its best on our locally maintained tracks, the ultimate Altitude Adventure.

Cost: NZ$55.00 pp 
Cyclists: Min 2

Rating the Rides

The rating system we have used for our rides is recommended as a guide only. The suggested appropriate levels of fitness and the expertise required to participate in the rides are to there to help you assess if a ride is within your capabilities.

If in doubt, drop us an email, tell us what you’re looking for and we can assist you with your selection.


The circle is used to symbolize rides that are suitable for beginner and intermediate riders with an interest, and some experience, in mountain biking. Rides cover gentle terrain where confidence and conditioning can be built up.

An average level of fitness is required.


The square is used to identify a progression to steeper grades, with rides being more technical and covering some difficult terrain. These rides are suitable for increasing your abilities and pushing new limits.

A good level of fitness is required.


The diamond identifies rides that test your physical conditioning, bike handling skills and courage. A high level of skill is strongly recommended as rides include longer climbs and/or more technical downhill.

A high level of fitness is required.