From modern Rail trail comfort hybrid  bikes with lightweight alloy frames, also low bar frame option available  with wide range of gears and comfy saddles and grips.

New Giant La free E-bikes.

To  Giant, Norco & GT Hardtail mountain bikes Front suspension hydraulic brakes  in 29 & 27.5 wheel sizes– our bikes are ready for your adventure. Also a large range of Kids & youth bikes, Trailers & baby buggy’s.

Being “The One Stop Rail Trail Shop”, we offer shuttle transport, train bookings, luggage transfers, trailer hire – you want it, we can do it – talk to us about your groups transport needs.

E Bikes:



Our Rail Trail Comfort Bikes:


   Our Hard Tail Mountain Bikes:



Altitude Bikes – Price List


Bike hire:

We will deliver bikes, free of charge, to you in Alexandra/Clyde for the start of your trip.

• Hybrid Comfort bikes $50.00 per day – Includes helmet, tools, Small day pannier and Spares.
$40.00 ½ day    4hrs  Max

• Hardtail mountain bikes $50.00 per day

• 20” & 24” Bikes $35.00 per day

• E- bikes $120.00 per day, Multi day $100.00

• Tandem $80.00 per day

• Tag along bike $30.00 per day

• Tow behind child trailer $30.00 per day

• Tow behind trailer (BOB) $30.00 per day

• Child seats $25.00 per day

• Pannier hire $5.00 per day

• Car 4 Bike Racks $10.00 per day


Luggage transfers:  $10 per bag (max 15kg) per drop Rail Trail, $15.00 per bag Roxburgh/Clutha Trails

Bike Relocation Fee: $10.00 per bike, E- Bikes Fee: $15.00

We can arrange transport including to/from Queenstown, email for info.


 Prices effective from 30 June 2018– 30 June 2019